Usage: @ExamineGenFeatDists <-fdir FEATURES_DIR>

Examine histograms produced by 3dGenFeatDists

-fdir DIR: output directory of 3dGenFeatDists
-fwild WILD1 [WILD2 ...]: Wildcards used to select feature histograms
                          under DIR.
                          Histograms picked would be those named:
                          h.*WILD1.niml.hist and h.*WILD1-G-*.niml.hist
-suffix SUFF: Output suffix, added to output images. Default nosuff
-exfeat FEAT1 [FEAT2 ...]: Exclude following features. String matching
                            is partial
-exclass CLSS1 [CLSS2 ...]: Exclude following classes. String matching
                             is partial
-odir DIR: Output directory, default is DIR
-nx NX: Set number of panel along the horizontal direction
-echo: Set echo
-help: this message

 See also @FeatureHists

@ExamineGenFeatDists    -fwild sc9 Xz Yz Zz FA.MAD07 MD \
                        -fdir GenFeatDist.sc9 \
                        -exfeat mean z.FA. z.MD \
                        -exclass air \
                        -odir GenFeatDist.sc9

Global Help Options:

   -h_web: Open webpage with help for this program
   -hweb: Same as -h_web
   -h_view: Open -help output in a GUI editor
   -hview: Same as -hview
   -all_opts: List all of the options for this script
   -h_find WORD: Search for lines containing WORD in -help