A script to find and kill AFNI processes
ps is used to lookfor processes running certain AFNI programs
(default list: afni 3dGroupInCorr plugout_drive suma DriveSuma 3dSkullStrip SurfSmooth)
with certain command line options

   @Quiet_Talkers [-sudo] [-prog PROG]
                 [-npb_val NV] [-npb_range NV0 NV1]
                 [-pif KEY_STRING] [-no_npb]
                 [-list] [-quiet]

 -sudo: Invoke higher powers to kill processes that you do not own
 -prog PROG: Instead of the default program list, only kill PROG
             You can use multiple -prog options
 -npb_val NV: Kill those programs using NIML port block NV
 -npb_range NV0 NV1: Kill those using NIML port blocks between
                     NV0 and NV1
 -pif KEY_STRING: Kill those programs that have a string matching
                  KEY_STRING in their commandline.
                  Most AFNI programs allow for a -pif KEY_STRING
                  option that does nothing but serve a process
                  identification purpose
 -no_npb: Kill any program in the list regardless of -npb options
          or -pif
 -list: Just list process numbers, don't run kill command
 -quiet: Do it quietly

Global Help Options:

   -h_web: Open webpage with help for this program
   -hweb: Same as -h_web
   -h_view: Open -help output in a GUI editor
   -hview: Same as -hview
   -all_opts: List all of the options for this script
   -h_find WORD: Search for lines containing WORD in -help
                 output. Seach is approximate.

   To kill all programs in list that used the -npb option

   To kill all those with either -npb 3 or 6
   @Quiet_Talkers -npb_val 3 -npb_val 6

   To kill all those with -npb values in the range 5..9
   @Quiet_Talkers -npb_range 5 9

   To restrict the search to certain programs only:
   @Quiet_Talkers -prog suma -prog afni -npb_range 5 9

General purpose destruction:
You can also kill process that have a certain string in the
command line. Usually such commands are flagged with the
hidden AFNI option -pif.
   suma -pif SOME_KEY_STRING &
   @Quiet_Talkers -prog suma -pif SOME_KEY_STRING

Note that with -pif, the npb options are disabled.

Say you want to kill any 'afni'
   @Quiet_Talkers -prog afni -pif ' '
   @Quiet_Talkers -prog afni -no_npb

Ziad S. Saad   saadz@mail.nih.gov