Usage: @SUMA_FSvolToBRIK <FSvoldata> <Prefix>
A script to convert COR- or .mgz files from FreeSurfer.
 DO NOT use this script for general purpose .mgz conversions
 Use mri_convert instead.
Example 1: Taking COR- images in mri/orig to BRIK volume
      @SUMA_FSvolToBRIK mri/orig test/cor_afni

Example 2: Taking .mgz volume to BRIK volume
      @SUMA_FSvolToBRIK mri/aseg.mgz test/aseg_afni

To view segmented volumes in AFNI, use the FreeSurfer
color scale by doing:
   Define Overlay --> Pos? (on)
   Choose continuous (**) colorscale
   Right Click on colorscale --> Choose Colorscale
   Select FreeSurfer_Seg_255
   Set Range to 255