Usage: @ScriptCheck [-clean] [-suffix SUFF] <Script1> [Script2 ...]

Checks script(s) for improperly terminated lines
   -clean: Clean bad line breaks
   -suffix SUFF: Rename uncleaned file Script1.SUFF
                 The default for SUFF is .uncln

   echo "A good line" > ./___toy
   echo "A good break \" >> ./___toy
   echo "A harmless \ slash" >> ./___toy
   echo "A bad break \  " >> ./___toy
   echo "The end" >> ./___toy

To find the bad line breaks
   @ScriptCheck ___toy

To find and clean the bad line breaks
   @ScriptCheck -clean ___toy

The uncleaned (original) file goes into ___toy.uncln

Use file_tool -show_file_type -infiles YOURFILE
To check for non-printable characters, and a whole lot more.