Usage: @Shift_Volume <[-rai_shift dR dA dI] [-MNI_Anat_to_MNI] [-MNI_to_MNI_Anat]> <-dset DSET> [-no_cp] [-prefix PREFIX]

   Shifts a dataset
   -rai_shift dR dA dI: Move dset by dR dA dI mm (RAI coord sys).
   -MNI_Anat_to_MNI: (same as -rai_shift-rai_shift 0 -4 -5)
                    Moves a dataset from MNI Anatomical space
                    to MNI space.
   -MNI_to_MNI_Anat: (same as -rai_shift-rai_shift 0 4 5)
                    Moves a dataset from MNI space
                    to MNI Anatomical space.
   For the -MNI_* options, See Eickhoff et al. Neuroimage (25) 2005
   -dset DSET: Typically an anatomical dset to be
               aligned to BASE.
   -no_cp: Do not create new data, shift existing ones
           This is a good option if you know what you
           are doing.
   -prefix PREFIX: Prefix for output dset.

Requires 3drefit newer than Oct. 02/02.

Ziad Saad (saadz@mail.nih.gov)
SSCC/NIMH/ National Institutes of Health, Bethesda Maryland