Usage: @Spharm.examples
A script to demonstrate the usage of spherical harmonics decomposition
with SUMA

To run it you will need some of SUMA's N27 tlrc surfaces, which can be
downloaded from: https://afni.nimh.nih.gov/pub/dist/tgz/suma_TT_N27.tgz
The surfaces needed are lh.pial.gii, lh.smoothwm.gii, lh.sphere.gii, and TT_N27_lh.spec

To change the parameter settings, make a copy of this script
and modify the section at the top called 'INIT_VARS'
If you do not make a copy of this script, future AFNI updates will
overwrite your changes.

Global Help Options:

   -h_web: Open webpage with help for this program
   -hweb: Same as -h_web
   -h_view: Open -help output in a GUI editor
   -hview: Same as -hview
   -all_opts: List all of the options for this script
   -h_find WORD: Search for lines containing WORD in -help
                 output. Seach is approximate.

         Ziad S. Saad               SSCC/NIMH/NIH