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Usage 1: A script to align a full coverage T1 weighted non-oblique dataset
         to match a partial coverage T1 weighted non-oblique dataset
         Alignment is done with a rotation and shift (6 parameters) transform

 Script is still in testing phase

   @align_partial_oblique [options] <-base FullCoverageT1> <-input PartialCoverageObliqueT1>
   Mandatory parameters:
      -base  FullCoverageT1:  Reference anatomical full coverage volume.

      -input  PartialCoverageObliqueT1:  The name says it all.

   Optional parameters:
      -suffix  SUF   :  Output dataset name is formed by adding SUF to
                        the prefix of the base dataset.
                        The default suffix is _alnd_PartialCoverageObliqueT1
      -keep_tmp      :  Keep temporary files.
      -clean         :  Clean all temp files, likely left from -keep_tmp
                        option then exit.
      -dxyz MM          : Cubic voxel size of output DSET in TLRC
                          space Default MM is 1. If you do not
                          want your output voxels to be cubic
                          Then use the -dx, -dy, -dz options below.
      -dx MX            : Size of voxel in the x direction
                          (Right-Left). Default is 1mm.
      -dy MY            : Size of voxel in the y direction
                          (Anterior-Posterior). Default is 1mm.
      -dz MZ            : Size of voxel in the z direction.
                          (Inferior-Superior).Default is 1mm.
   @align_partial_oblique -base ah_SurfVol+orig. -input ah_T1W_anat+orig.

Written by Ziad S. Saad, for Ikuko (saadz@mail.nih.gov)