Just a tiny adjunct program for @chauffeur_afni.

Small program to calculate how to evenly space a certain number of
slices within each view plane of a dset.  Returns three numbers: the
'delta slices' in the three view planes (in the order of the input
dset's orientation).

++ constructed by PA Taylor (NIMH, NIH, USA).

# =========================================================================



+ a volume dset (to have a grid/dimensions)
+ the montage's x- and y-dimensions
+ the choice of either IJK or XYZ coordinates to be output


  + three numbers: either 'i j k' or 'x y z' values.  These numbers
    represent where to tell AFNI to set its crosshairs for a montage.
    These can be redirected to a file, if so desired for scripting

# =========================================================================


-help, -h          :see helpfile (here!)
-ver               :see version number

-inset   UUU       :(req) name of input dset.

-montx   MX        :(req) montage dimension: number of panels along x-axis
                    (i.e., number of cols)

-monty   MY        :(req) montage dimension: number of panels along y-axis
                    (i.e., number of rows)

-out_ijk           :make program output 'I J K' values.
-out_xyz           :make program output 'X Y Z' values.