Usage: @make_plug_diff -vtk VTKDIR -xm XMDIR -asrc ASRCDIR -abin ABINDIR
Compiles AFNI's diffusion plugin.
I used it as a way to log what is needed to compile the plugin.
We should work closely with Greg Balls and Larry Frank to make the
need for this script obsolete
   -comments: output comments only
   -linux: flag for doing linuxy things
   -vtk VTKDIR: Directory where vtk is installed
   -xm XMDIR: Directory where motif is installed
   -asrc ASRCDIR: Full path to AFNI's src/ directory
   -abin ABINDIR: Path, relative to ASRCDIR, to abin
   -diff DIFFDIR: name of directory containing diffusion code

Sample compilation on GIMLI (OSX 10.5)
   @make_plug_diff         -vtk /sw    -xm /sw  \
                           -asrc /Users/ziad/b.AFNI.now/src \
                           -abin ../abin  -diff afni-diff-plugin-0.86

Sample compilation on linux (FC 10)
   @make_plug_diff         -xm /usr -asrc /home/ziad/b.AFNI.now/src \
                           -abin ../abin -diff afni-diff-plugin-0.86 \