@move.to.series.dirs           - partition DICOM files into series directories

Given a set of DICOM files copy or move the files into new series directories.
Generate a list of series numbers, and for each one, make a directory and copy
or move the files.

usage: @move.to.series.dirs [options] DICOM_FILES ...


    @move.to.series.dirs -test IMG*
    @move.to.series.dirs -action move IMG*

  If the file list is too long for the shell, consider using -glob
  as in the testing example:

    @move.to.series.dirs -test -glob 'dir1/IMG*'

terminal option:

   -help        : show hist help
   -hist        : show modification history
   -ver         : show version number

processing option:

   -action ACTION       : ACTION can be copy or move
                          default = copy
   -dprefix PREFIX      : specify directory root for output series directories
                          default = .
   -tag TAG             : specify tag to use for partitioning
                          default = 0020,0011   (REL Series Number)
   -test                : do not move any file, just show what would be done


R Reynolds, April, 2013