Demo script to create a graph dataset to show names of individuals
and group, potentially useful for acknowledgements in a talk.
The first group is placed at the center of the graph in
real xyz coordinates, and all other groups are connected to it.
The group nodes are placed at regular intervals on an input surface.

Each group, including the first group, can have many members.
Each member is connected to their group with a smaller surface,
typically with a small icosahedron.

Usage Example

tcsh @suma_acknowledge -input bootcamp_list.txt \
    -surf    std.60.lh.pial.gii \
    -prefix  AFNI_BOOTCAMP


-input dset         :required input text file with format
                     for each line of the input
                       first last groupname
-surf mysurf        :required surface to place nodes
-prefix demo_name   :output prefix for graph dataset

Optional Options

-center ZERO        :put center coord at x,y,z=0,0,0
                     otherwise, uses average xyz in surface
-subsurf surf2      :surface for surrounding members of group
                     (use ld2,ld4,ld5,ld6,.... default is ld5)
-scalefactor   s.ss :scale xyz for group nodes (default is 1.0)
-reducefactor  s.ss :scale xyz offsets for member nodes (xyz/r)
                     default is 10