Usage: 1dAstrip < input > output

This very simple program strips non-numeric characters
from a file, so that it can be processed by other AFNI
1d programs.  For example, if your input is
  x=3.6 y=21.6 z=14.2
then your output would be
    3.6   21.6   14.2

* Non-numeric characters are replaced with blanks.
* The letter 'e' is preserved if it is preceded
  or followed by a numeric character.  This is
  to allow for numbers like '1.2e-3'.
* Numeric characters, for the purpose of this
  program, are defined as the digits '0'..'9',
  and '.', '+', '-'.
* The program is simple and can easily end up leaving
  undesired junk characters in the output.  Sorry.
* This help string is longer than the rest of the