Usage: 1dFlagMotion [options] MotionParamsFile

   Produces an list of time points that have more than a
   user specified amount of motion relative to the previous
   time point.
  -MaxTrans    maximum translation allowed in any direction
                 [defaults to 1.5mm]
  -MaxRot      maximum rotation allowed in any direction
                  [defaults to 1.25 degrees]

** The input file must have EXACTLY 6 columns of input, in the order:
     roll pitch yaw delta-SI delta-LR delta-AP
   (angles in degrees first, then translations in mm)

** The program does NOT accept column '[...]' selectors on the input
   file name, or comments in the file itself.  As a palliative, if the
   input file name is '-', then the input numbers are read from stdin,
   so you could do something like the following:
     1dcat mfile.1D'[1..6]' | 1dFlagMotion -
   e.g., to work with the output from 3dvolreg's '-dfile' option
   (where the first column is just the time index).

** The output is in a 1D format, with comments on '#' comment lines,
   and the list of points exceeding the motion bounds listed being
   intercalated on normal (non-comment) lines.

++ Compile date = May 30 2023 {AFNI_23.1.07:linux_ubuntu_16_64}