Usage: 1dTsort [options] file.1D
Sorts each column of the input 1D file and writes result to stdout.

 -inc     = sort into increasing order [default]
 -dec     = sort into decreasing order
 -flip    = transpose the file before OUTPUT
            * the INPUT can be transposed using file.1D\'
            * thus, to sort each ROW, do something like
               1dTsort -flip file.1D\' > sfile.1D
 -col j   = sort only on column #j (counting starts at 0),
            and carry the rest of the columns with it.
 -imode   = typecast all values to integers, return the mode in
            the input then exit. No sorting results are returned.

N.B.: Data will be read from standard input if the filename IS stdin,
      and will also be row/column transposed if the filename is stdin\'
      For example:
        1deval -num 100 -expr 'uran(1)' | 1dTsort stdin | 1dplot stdin

++ Compile date = May 23 2023 {AFNI_23.1.06:linux_ubuntu_16_64}