Program 1dUpsample:
Upsamples a 1D time series (along the column direction)
to a finer time grid.
Usage:  1dUpsample [options] n fred.1D > ethel.1D

Where 'n' is the upsample factor (integer from 2..32)

* Interpolation is done with 7th order polynomials.
   (Why 7? It's a nice number, and the code already existed.)
* The only option is '-1' or '-one', to use 1st order
   polynomials instead (i.e., linear interpolation).
* Output is written to stdout.
* If you want to interpolate along the row direction,
   transpose before input, then transpose the output.
* Example:
   1dUpsample 5 '1D: 4 5 4 3 4' | 1dplot -stdin -dx 0.2
* If the input has M time points, the output will
   have n*M time points.  The last n-1 of them
   will be past the end of the original time series.
* This program is a quick hack for Gang Chen.
   Where are my Twizzlers?