Usage: 1dgrayplot [options] tsfile
Graphs the columns of a *.1D type time series file to the screen,
sort of like 1dplot, but in grayscale.

 -install   = Install a new X11 colormap (for X11 PseudoColor)
 -ignore nn = Skip first 'nn' rows in the input file
                [default = 0]
 -flip      = Plot x and y axes interchanged.
                [default: data columns plotted DOWN the screen]
 -sep       = Separate scales for each column.
 -use mm    = Plot 'mm' points
                [default: all of them]
 -ps        = Don't draw plot in a window; instead, write it
              to stdout in PostScript format.
              N.B.: If you view this result in 'gv', you should
                    turn 'anti-alias' off, and switch to
                    landscape mode.

++ Compile date = Apr  8 2024 {AFNI_24.1.02:linux_ubuntu_16_64}