Usage: 1dnorm [options] infile outfile
where infile is an AFNI *.1D file (ASCII list of numbers arranged
in columns); outfile will be a similar file, with each column being
L_2 normalized (sum of squares = 1).
* If 'infile'  is '-', it will be read from stdin.
* If 'outfile' is '-', it will be written to stdout.

 -norm1  = Normalize so sum of absolute values is 1 (L_1 norm)
 -normx  = So that max absolute value is 1 (L_infinity norm)

 -demean = Subtract each column's mean before normalizing
 -demed  = Subtract each column's median before normalizing
            [-demean and -demed are mutually exclusive!]

++ Compile date = Jun 14 2024 {AFNI_24.1.19:linux_ubuntu_16_64}