Usage: 3dAFNItoMINC [options] dataset
Reads in an AFNI dataset, and writes it out as a MINC file.

 -prefix ppp  = Write result into file ppp.mnc;
                  default prefix is same as AFNI dataset's.
 -floatize    = Write MINC file in float format.
 -swap        = Swap bytes when passing data to rawtominc

* Multi-brick datasets are written as 4D (x,y,z,t) MINC
* If the dataset has complex-valued sub-bricks, then this
   program won't write the MINC file.
* If any of the sub-bricks have floating point scale
   factors attached, then the output will be in float
   format (regardless of the presence of -floatize).
* This program uses the MNI program 'rawtominc' to create
   the MINC file; rawtominc must be in your path.  If you
   don't have rawtominc, you must install the MINC tools
   software package from MNI.  (But if you don't have the
   MINC tools already, why do you want to convert to MINC
   format anyway?)
* At this time, you can find the MINC tools at
   You need the latest version of minc-*.tar.gz and also
   of netcdf-*.tar.gz.

-- RWCox - April 2002

++ Compile date = Aug  4 2020 {AFNI_20.2.10:linux_ubuntu_16_64}