Usage: 3dAFNItoNIFTI [options] dataset
Reads an AFNI dataset, writes it out as a NIfTI-1.1 file.

* The nifti_tool program can be used to manipulate
   the contents of a NIfTI-1.1 file.
* The input dataset can actually be in any input format
   that AFNI can read directly (e.g., MINC-1).
* There is no 3dNIFTItoAFNI program, since AFNI programs
   can directly read .nii files.  If you wish to make such
   a conversion anyway, one way to do so is like so:
     3dcalc -a ppp.nii -prefix ppp -expr 'a'

  -prefix ppp = Write the NIfTI-1.1 file as 'ppp.nii'.
                  Default: the dataset's prefix is used.
                * You can use 'ppp.hdr' to output a 2-file
                  NIfTI-1.1 file pair 'ppp.hdr' & 'ppp.img'.
                * If you want a compressed file, try
                  using a prefix like 'ppp.nii.gz'.
                * Setting the Unix environment variable
                  AFNI_AUTOGZIP to YES will result in
                  all output .nii files being gzip-ed.
  -verb       = Be verbose = print progress messages.
                  Repeating this increases the verbosity
                  (maximum setting is 3 '-verb' options).
  -float      = Force the output dataset to be 32-bit
                  floats.  This option should be used when
                  the input AFNI dataset has different
                  float scale factors for different sub-bricks,
                  an option that NIfTI-1.1 does not support.

The following options affect the contents of the AFNI extension
field that is written by default into the NIfTI-1.1 header:

  -pure       = Do NOT write an AFNI extension field into
                  the output file.  Only use this option if
                  needed.  You can also use the 'nifti_tool'
                  program to strip extensions from a file.
  -denote     = When writing the AFNI extension field, remove
                  text notes that might contain subject
                  identifying information.
  -oldid      = Give the new dataset the input dataset's
                  AFNI ID code.
  -newid      = Give the new dataset a new AFNI ID code, to
                  distinguish it from the input dataset.
     **** N.B.:  -newid is now the default action.

++ Compile date = May 23 2023 {AFNI_23.1.06:linux_ubuntu_16_64}