Usage: 3dAFNItoRaw [options] dataset
Convert an AFNI brik file with multiple sub-briks to a raw file with
  each sub-brik voxel concatenated voxel-wise.
For example, a dataset with 3 sub-briks X,Y,Z with elements x1,x2,x3,...,xn,
  y1,y2,y3,...,yn and z1,z2,z3,...,zn will be converted to a raw dataset with
  elements x1,y1,z1, x2,y2,z2, x3,y3,z3, ..., xn,yn,zn
The dataset is kept in the original data format (float/short/int)
  -output / -prefix = name of the output file (not an AFNI dataset prefix)
    the default output name will be rawxyz.dat

  -datum float = force floating point output. Floating point forced if any
    sub-brik scale factors not equal to 1.

This program accepts datasets that are modified on input according to the
following schemes:
  'r1+orig[3..5]'                                    {sub-brick selector}
  'r1+orig<100..200>'                                {sub-range selector}
  'r1+orig[3..5]<100..200>'                          {both selectors}
  '3dcalc( -a r1+orig -b r2+orig -expr 0.5*(a+b) )'  {calculation}
For the gruesome details, see the output of 'afni -help'.

++ Compile date = Dec  7 2023 {AFNI_23.3.12:linux_ubuntu_16_64}