Usage: 3dExchange [-prefix PREFIX] <-input DATASET>

Replaces voxel values using mapping file with two columns of numbers
with the first column of the input value and the second has the output value

  -input DATASET :               Input dataset
                                  Acceptable data types are:
                                  byte, short, and floats.
  -map MAPCOLS.1D :               Mapping columns - input is first column
                                  output is second column
  -prefix PREFIX: Output prefix

  -ver = print author and version info
  -help = print this help screen

This program accepts datasets that are modified on input according to the
following schemes:
  'r1+orig[3..5]'                                    {sub-brick selector}
  'r1+orig<100..200>'                                {sub-range selector}
  'r1+orig[3..5]<100..200>'                          {both selectors}
  '3dcalc( -a r1+orig -b r2+orig -expr 0.5*(a+b) )'  {calculation}
For the gruesome details, see the output of 'afni -help'.

++ Compile date = Feb 28 2024 {AFNI_24.0.09:linux_ubuntu_16_64}