Usage: 3dExtractGroupInCorr [options] AAA.grpincorr.niml

This program breaks the collection of images from a GroupInCorr
file back into individual AFNI 3D+time datasets.

Of course, only the data inside the mask used in 3dSetupGroupInCorr
is stored in the .data file, so only those portions of the input
files can be reconstructed :)

The output datasets will be stored in float format, no matter what
the storage type of the original datasets or of the .data file.

 -prefix PPP The actual dataset prefix with be the internal dataset
             label with the string 'PPP_' pre-prended.
             ++ Use NULL to skip the use of the prefix.

Author -- RWCox -- May 2012

++ Compile date = Feb 22 2024 {AFNI_24.0.08:linux_ubuntu_16_64}