(c) 1999 Medical College of Wisconsin
by T. Ross and K. Heimerl
Version 0.8 last modified 8-17-99

Usage: 3dFourier [options] dataset

* Program to lowpass and/or highpass each voxel time series in a
  dataset, via the FFT.
* Also see program 3dBandpass for something similar.

The parameters and options are:
    dataset         an afni compatible 3d+time dataset to be operated upon
    -prefix name    output name for new 3d+time dataset [default = fourier]
    -lowpass f      low pass filter with a cutoff of f Hz
    -highpass f     high pass filter with a cutoff of f Hz
    -ignore n       ignore the first n images [default = 1]
    -retrend        Any mean and linear trend are removed before filtering.
                    This will restore the trend after filtering.

Note that by combining the lowpass and highpass options, one can construct
bandpass and notch filters

This program accepts datasets that are modified on input according to the
following schemes:
  'r1+orig[3..5]'                                    {sub-brick selector}
  'r1+orig<100..200>'                                {sub-range selector}
  'r1+orig[3..5]<100..200>'                          {both selectors}
  '3dcalc( -a r1+orig -b r2+orig -expr 0.5*(a+b) )'  {calculation}
For the gruesome details, see the output of 'afni -help'.

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