Program to extract 1 row from a dataset and write it as a .1D file
Usage: 3dGetrow [options] dataset

Exactly ONE of the following three options is required:
 -xrow j k  = extract row along the x-direction at fixed y-index of j
              and fixed z-index of k.
 -yrow i k  = similar for a row along the y-direction
 -zrow i j  = similar for a row along the z-direction
 -input ddd = read input from dataset 'ddd'
              (instead of putting dataset name at end of command line)
 -output ff = filename for output .1D ASCII file will be 'ff'
              (if 'ff' is '-', then output is to stdout, the default)

N.B.: if the input dataset has more than one sub-brick, each
      sub-brick will appear as a separate column in the output file.

++ Compile date = May 27 2024 {AFNI_24.1.15:linux_ubuntu_16_64}