Usage: 3dLRflip [-LR|-AP|-IS|-X|-Y|-Z] [-prefix ppp] dset dset dset ...
Flips the rows of a dataset along one of the three axes.

* This program is intended to be used in the case where you
  (or some other loser) constructed a dataset with one of the
  directions incorrectly labeled.
* That is, it is to help you patch up a mistake in the dataset.
  It has no other purpose.

Optional options:

 -LR | -AP | -IS: Axis about which to flip the data
                  Default is -LR.
 -X | -Y | -Z: Flip about 1st, 2nd or 3rd directions,
 Note: Only one of these 6 options can be used at a time.

 -prefix ppp: Prefix to use for output. If you have
              multiple datasets as input, you are better
              off letting the program choose a prefix for
              each output.

++ Compile date = May 23 2023 {AFNI_23.1.06:linux_ubuntu_16_64}