Usage: 3dLocalACF [options] inputdataset

 -prefix   ppp
 -input    inputdataset
 -nbhd     nnn
 -mask     maskdataset

* This program estimates the spatial AutoCorrelation Function (ACF)
  locally in a neighborhood around each voxel, unlike '3FWHMx -acf',
  which produces an average over the whole volume.

* The input dataset must be a time series dataset, and must have
  been detrended, despiked, etc. already.  The 'errts' output from
  afni_proc.py is recommended!

* A brain mask is highly recommended as well.

* I typically use 'SPHERE(25)' for the neighborhood.  YMMV.

* This program is very slow.
   This copy of it uses multiple threads (OpenMP), so it is
   somewhat tolerable to use.

***** This program is experimental *****

++ Compile date = May 30 2023 {AFNI_23.1.07:linux_ubuntu_16_64}