Usage: 3dMINCtoAFNI [-prefix ppp] dataset.mnc
Reads in a MINC formatted file and writes it out as an
AFNI dataset file pair with the given prefix.  If the
prefix option isn't used, the input filename will be
used, after the '.mnc' is chopped off.

* Setting environment variable AFNI_MINC_FLOATIZE to Yes
   will cause MINC datasets to be converted to floats on
   input.  Otherwise, they will be kept in their 'native'
   data type if possible, which may cause problems with
   scaling on occasion.
* The TR recorded in MINC files is often incorrect.  You may
   need to fix this (or other parameters) using 3drefit.

++ Compile date = Aug  4 2020 {AFNI_20.2.10:linux_ubuntu_16_64}