Usage: 3dMedianFilter [options] dataset
Computes the median in a spherical nbhd around each point in the
input to produce the output.

  -irad x    = Radius in voxels of spherical regions
  -iter n    = Iterate 'n' times [default=1]
  -verb      = Be verbose during run
  -prefix pp = Use 'pp' for prefix of output dataset
  -automask  = Create a mask (a la 3dAutomask)

Output dataset is always stored in float format.  If the input
dataset has more than 1 sub-brick, only sub-brick #0 is processed.

-- Feb 2005 - RWCox

++ Compile date = Jun 14 2024 {AFNI_24.1.19:linux_ubuntu_16_64}