Program: 3dNotes
Author:  T. Ross
(c)1999 Medical College of Wisconsin

3dNotes - a program to add, delete and show notes for AFNI datasets.


Usage: 3dNotes [-a "string"] [-h "string"][-d num] [-help] dataset


3dNotes -a      "Subject sneezed in scanner, Aug 13 2004" elvis+orig
3dNotes -h      "Subject likes fried PB & banana sandwiches" elvis+orig
3dNotes -HH     "Subject has left the building" elvis+orig
3dNotes -d 2 -h "Subject sick of PB'n'banana sandwiches" elvis+orig


Explanation of Options:
   dataset       : AFNI compatible dataset [required].

   -a   "str"  : Add the string "str" to the list of notes.

                   Note that you can use the standard C escape codes,
                   \n for newline \t for tab, etc.

   -h   "str"   : Append the string "str" to the dataset's history.  This
                    can only appear once on the command line.  As this is
                    added to the history, it cannot easily be deleted. But,
                    history is propagated to the children of this dataset.

   -HH  "str"   : Replace any existing history note with "str".  This
                    line cannot be used with '-h'.

   -d   num       : deletes note number num.

   -ses           : Print to stdout the expanded notes.

   -help          : Displays this screen.

The default action, with no options, is to display the notes for the
dataset.  If there are options, all deletions occur first and essentially
simultaneously.  Then, notes are added in the order listed on the command
line.  If you do something like -d 10 -d 10, it will delete both notes 10
and 11.  Don't do that.

++ Compile date = May 30 2023 {AFNI_23.1.07:linux_ubuntu_16_64}