Usage: 3dPval [options] dataset

* Converts a dataset's statistical sub-bricks to p-values.

* Sub-bricks not internally marked as statistical volumes are unchanged.

* However, all output volumes will be converted to float format!

* If you wish to convert only sub-brick #3 (say) of a dataset, then
   something like this command should do the job:
     3dPval -prefix Zork.nii InputDataset.nii'[3]'

* Note that sub-bricks being marked as statistical volumes, and
   having value-to-FDR conversion curves attached, are AFNI-only
   ideas, and are not part of any standard, NIfTI or otherwise!
   In other words, this program will be useless for a random dataset
   which you download from some random non-AFNI-centric site :(

* Also note that SMALLER p- and q-values are more 'significant', but
   that the AFNI GUI provides interactive thresholding for values
   ABOVE a user-chosen level, so using the GUI to threshold on a
   p-value or q-value volume will have the opposite result to what
   you might wish for.

* Although the program now allows conversion of statistic values
   to z-scores or FDR q-values, instead of p-values, you can only
   do one type of conversion per run of 3dPval. If you want p-values
   AND q-values, you'll have to run this program twice.

* Finally, 'sub-brick' is AFNI jargon for a single 3D volume inside
   a multi-volume dataset.

 -zscore   = Convert statistic to a z-score instead, an N(0,1) deviate
               that represents the same p-value.

 -log2     = Convert statistic to -log2(p)
 -log10    = Convert statistic to -log10(p)

 -qval     = Convert statistic to a q-value (FDR) instead:
             + This option only works with datasets that have
               FDR curves inserted in their headers, which most
               AFNI statistics programs will do. The program
               3drefit can also do this, with the -addFDR option.

 -prefix p = Prefix name for output file (default name is 'Pval')

AUTHOR: The Man With The Golden p < 0.000001

++ Compile date = May 27 2024 {AFNI_24.1.15:linux_ubuntu_16_64}