Usage: 3dRankizer [options] dataset
Output = Rank of each voxel as sorted into increasing value.
         - Ties get the average rank.
         - Not the same as 3dRank!
         - Only sub-brick #0 is processed at this time!
         - Ranks start at 1 and increase:
             Input  = 0   3   4   4   7   9
             Output = 1   2   3.5 3.5 5   6
  -brank bbb   Set the 'base' rank to 'bbb' instead of 1.
                 (You could also do this with 3dcalc.)
  -mask mset   Means to use the dataset 'mset' as a mask:
                 Only voxels with nonzero values in 'mset'
                 will be used from 'dataset'.  Voxels outside
                 the mask will get rank 0.
  -prefix ppp  Write results into float-format dataset 'ppp'
                 Output is in float format to allow for
                 non-integer ranks resulting from ties.
  -percentize : Divide rank by the number of voxels in the dataset x 100.0
  -percentize_mask : Divide rank by the number of voxels in the mask x 100.0

Author: RW Cox  [[a quick hack for his own purposes]]

++ Compile date = Jun 14 2024 {AFNI_24.1.19:linux_ubuntu_16_64}