Usage: 3dTnorm [options] dataset
Takes each voxel time series and normalizes it
(by multiplicative scaling) -- in some sense.

 -prefix p = use string 'p' for the prefix of the
               output dataset [DEFAULT = 'tnorm']
 -norm2    = L2 normalize (sum of squares = 1) [DEFAULT]
 -normR    = normalize so sum of squares = number of time points
             * e.g., so RMS = 1.
 -norm1    = L1 normalize (sum of absolute values = 1)
 -normx    = Scale so max absolute value = 1 (L_infinity norm)
 -polort p = Detrend with polynomials of order p before normalizing
               [DEFAULT = don't do this]
             * Use '-polort 0' to remove the mean, for example
 -L1fit    = Detrend with L1 regression (L2 is the default)
             * This option is here just for the hell of it

* Each voxel is processed separately
* A voxel that is all zero will be unchanged (duh)
* Output dataset is in float format, no matter what the input format
* This program is for producing regressors to use in 3dTfitter
* Also see programs 1dnorm and 3dcalc

++ Compile date = May 27 2024 {AFNI_24.1.15:linux_ubuntu_16_64}