USAGE: 3dTsplit4D [options] dataset

This program converts a 3D+time dataset into multiple 3D single-brick
files.  The main purpose of this is to accelerate the process of
export AFNI/NIFTI datasets if you have the unfortunate need to work
with Some other PrograM that doesn't like datasets in the pseudo-4D
nature that AFNI knows and loves.


   1. Write the 152 time point dataset, epi_r1+orig, to 152 single
      volume datasets, out/epi.000+orig ... epi.151+orig.

         3dTsplit4D -prefix out/epi epi_r1+orig

   2. Do the same thing, but write to 152 NIFTI volume datasets,
      out/epi.000.nii ... out/epi.151.nii.  Include .nii in -prefix.

         3dTsplit4D -prefix out/epi.nii epi_r1+orig

 -prefix PREFIX : Prefix of the output datasets
                  Numbers will be added after the prefix to denote
                  prior sub-brick.
 -keep_datum    : output uses original datum (no conversion to float)
 -digits DIGITS : number of digits to use for output filenames

Authored by: Peter Molfese, UConn
++ Compile date = Feb 22 2024 {AFNI_24.0.08:linux_ubuntu_16_64}