Usage: 3dUpsample [options] n dataset

* Upsamples a 3D+time dataset, in the time direction,
   by a factor of 'n'.
* The value of 'n' must be between 2 and 320 (inclusive).
* The output dataset is in float format by default.

 -1 or -one = Use linear interpolation. Otherwise,
 or -linear   7th order polynomial interpolation is used.

 -prefix pp = Define the prefix name of the output dataset.
              [default prefix is 'Upsam']

 -verb      = Be eloquently and mellifluosly verbose.

 -n n       = An alternate way to specify n
 -input dataset = An alternate way to specify dataset

 -datum ddd = Use datatype ddd at output. Choose from
              float (default), short, byte.
 3dUpsample -prefix LongFred 5 Fred+orig

Nota Bene:
* You should not use this for files that were 3dTcat-ed across
   imaging run boundaries, since that will result in interpolating
   between non-contiguous time samples!
* If the input has M time points, the output will have n*M time
   points.  The last n-1 of them will be past the end of the original
   time series.
* This program gobbles up memory and diskspace as a function of n.
  You can reduce output file size with -datum option.

--- RW Cox - April 2008

++ Compile date = Feb 22 2024 {AFNI_24.0.08:linux_ubuntu_16_64}