Usage: 3dWinsor [options] dataset
Apply a 3D 'Winsorizing' filter to a short-valued dataset.

 -irad rr   = include all points within 'distance'
                rr in the operation, where distance
                is defined as sqrt(i*i+j*j+k*k), and
                (i,j,k) are voxel index offsets
                [default rr=1.5]

 -cbot bb   = set bottom clip index to bb
                [default = 20% of the number of points]
 -ctop tt   = set top clip index to tt
                [default = 80% of the number of points]

 -nrep nn   = repeat filter nn times [default nn=1]
                if nn < 0, means to repeat filter until
                less than abs(n) voxels change

 -keepzero  = don't filter voxels that are zero
 -clip xx   = set voxels at or below 'xx' to zero

 -prefix pp = use 'pp' as the prefix for the output
                dataset [default pp='winsor']

 -mask mmm  = use 'mmm' as a mask dataset - voxels NOT
                in the mask won't be filtered

++ Compile date = Feb 22 2024 {AFNI_24.0.08:linux_ubuntu_16_64}