usage: /home/afniHQ/

[-h] -StatDSET STATDSET [-prefix PREFIX] [-session SESSION] [-overwrite] [-help]

## Overview

The purpose of this script is to extract the data table from history of
datasets from 3dttest++, 3dMVM, or 3dLME. This program is mostly called from

## Caveats

Statistics dataset must be DIRECTLY from 3dttest++, 3dMVM or 3dLME.
If you did 3dcopy or anything that wipes the history of the dataset after
running the stats, this program has nothing to extract.
3dttest++ must have been run with no covariates.

## Outputs

Outputs files named with your -prefix and "_GroupTable.csv":
(as example -prefix disco)

    Table with information parsed from the statistics dataset history.
    May include subject ID, any group or other variables, and input datasets.

## Options

  -StatDSET STATDSET  Statistics dataset.

  -prefix PREFIX      Name for output (no path). [GroupOut]
  -session SESSION    Output parent folder if you don't want the current
                      working directory. [./]
  -overwrite          Remove previous folder with same PREFIX

Justin Rajendra circa 08/2017
I hope this will be useful for someone...
Keep on keeping on!