usage: /home/afniHQ/afni.build/pub.dist/bin/linux_ubuntu_16_64/abids_json_info.py

[-json JSON [JSON …]] [-TR] [-TE] [-TE_sec] [-match_nii] [-field STR [STR …]] [-list_fields] [-help]


This program extracts info from BIDS formatted json files created
with dcm2niix_afni or dcm2niix. This is mostly for internal use as a
python library. It will also extract fields from any json formatted file.


This assumes that the json file was converted from dicoms using
dcm2niix_afni or dcm2niix with the -b (BIDS) option. So a json file and
matching dataset should be present.


abids_json_info.py -TR -json my_bids_fmri.json


Required arguments:
  -json JSON [JSON ...]
                        Specify .json file(s).

BIDS specific arguments:
  -TR                   Print the TR from the json file in seconds, from the
                        "RepetitionTime" field.
  -TE                   Print out the "EchoTime" field in milliseconds (the
                        json file stores it in seconds)
  -TE_sec               Print the "EchoTime" field in seconds
  -match_nii            Is there a .nii or .nii.gz file that matches the .json
                        file? (1 if the dataset is loadable)

Optional arguments:
  -field STR [STR ...]  Print any field or list of fields from the json file.
  -list_fields          Print a list of the available fields from the .json
                        file. (This must be the only argument specified)
  -help                 Show this help and exit.

Justin Rajendra circa 05/2018
Keep on keeping on!