usage: /home/afniHQ/afni.build/pub.dist/bin/linux_ubuntu_16_64/abids_json_tool.py

-input FILE -prefix PREFIX (-txt2json | -json2txt | -add_json KEY [VALUE …] | -del_json KEY) [-force_add] [-overwrite] [-help] [-delimiter_major DELIM_MAJ] [-delimiter_minor DELIM_MIN] [-literal_keys] [-values_stay_str]


This script helps to manipulate json files in various ways.


None yet.


abids_json_tool.py -input out.ss_review.FT.txt                        -prefix out.ss_review.FT.json                        -txt2json


Required arguments:
  -input FILE           One file to convert. (either ":" separated or json
                        formatted.) Enter NULL with -add_json to create new
                        json file.
  -prefix PREFIX        Output file name.

Only one of these:
  -txt2json             Convert from ":" separated text file to json formatted
  -json2txt             Convert from json formatted file to ":" separated text
  -add_json KEY [VALUE ...]
                        Add an attribute to the end of the specified json
                        file. Needs exactly two arguments. (e.g. Fruit Apple)
                        The KEY must not have spaces and must be only one
                        word. If the VALUE is more than one item, it needs to
                        be surrounded by single or double quotes and be comma
                        separated (e.g. Fruit "Apple,Orange")
  -del_json KEY         Remove attribute (KEY) from the -input json file.

Optional arguments:
  -force_add, -f        Use with -add_json to overwrite an existing attribute
                        in the specified json file.
  -overwrite            Use caution as this will overwrite the -prefix file if
                        it exists!!
  -help                 Show this help and exit.
  -delimiter_major DELIM_MAJ
                        When using "-txt2json" opt, specify the new (major)
                        delimiter to separate keys and values.
  -delimiter_minor DELIM_MIN
                        When using "-txt2json" opt, specify the new (minor)
                        delimiter to separate value items. NB: pairs of quotes
                        take priority to define a single item. The default
                        delimiter (outside of quotes) is whitespace.
  -literal_keys         Do not replace spaces with '_', nor parentheses and
                        brackets with ''.
  -values_stay_str      Each numeric or str item gets saved as a str;
                        otherwise, guess at int and float.

Justin Rajendra circa 08/2018
Keep on keeping on!