Program to take a script with some special (~simple) markup and turn
it into both an RST page and a script for the online Sphinx


-prefix_rst AA    :(req) output filename, including any path, of the
                   RST/Sphinx file.  AA must include file extension
                   '.rst'.  E.g.:  tutorial/fun_3dcalc.rst

-prefix_script BB :(req) output filename, *without* any path, of the
                   script file.  BB probably should include file extension,
                   such as '.tcsh'.  E.g.:  fun_3dcalc.tcsh

-reflink       CC :(req) a string tag that will be 1) subdirectory name
                   holding images for the given demo, and 2) the RST
                   internal reference label, as '.. _CC:'.  First character
                   of CC must be alphabetic.

-execute_script   :(req/opt) flag to not just create the RST+script, but
                   to execute the script as well.  IF the script
                   generates images that will be copied to the
                   media/CC/. directory, then this flag should be used
                   at least the first time the script is run (so the
                   files can be copied); it may not be necessary to
                   execute on later runs.


+ an RST file, which is basically a Sphinx-formatted page, that can be
  placed in a separate directory

+ an output directory to put into the Sphinx tree, called
  [rst-path]/media/CC, where [rst-path] is the location of the output
  RST file and CC is the reflink name.

+ a script file, both locally (where the script is run, so that it can
  be executed) and in [rst-path]/media/CC (which will be shown in the
  RST pages).

+ images made by the script which are flagged to be show in the RST
  pages will be copied to [rst-path]/media/CC/.


1) First time through, execute script to make images:                                          \
    -input          ex_afni11_roi_cmds.tcsh                             \
    -reflink        afni11_roi_cmds                                     \
    -prefix_script  afni11_roi_cmds.tcsh                                \
    -prefix_rst ~/afni_doc/tutorials/rois_corr_vis/afni11_roi_cmds.rst  \

2) Second time through, if "only" text changes/formatting:                                          \
    -input          ex_afni11_roi_cmds.tcsh                             \
    -reflink        afni11_roi_cmds                                     \
    -prefix_script  afni11_roi_cmds.tcsh                                \
    -prefix_rst ~/afni_doc/tutorials/rois_corr_vis/afni11_roi_cmds.rst