This program is just meant to be used via: adjunct_tort_plot_mot.
Please see that program for help usage.  It extracts the 3 translation
(in mm) and 3 rotation (in deg) parameters estimated by TORTOISE's
DIFF_PREP tool during DWI processing.

auth:  PA Taylor


If you really, really need to use this program separately (why?  you
will miss out on the *pictures*!), then we will note that you can run
this program with precisely two arguments, as:  \
    IN_FILE                          \

... where:

   IN_FILE = *_transformations.txt file output by TORTOISE's DIFF_PREP.

  OUT_FILE = a '1D' file, in AFNI-ese.  Basically, a text file with 6
             columns and with the same number of columns as input
             DWIs.  The columns represent:

                  Column #0 : del x (for axial data, RL)
                  Column #1 : del y (for axial data, AP)
                  Column #2 : del z (for axial data, IS)
                  Column #3 : Rx
                  Column #4 : Ry
                  Column #5 : Rz


This program (and its partner-in-crime, adjunct_tort_plot_mot) have
been checked with TORTOISE versions 3.1* - 3.2.  Please contact the
TORTOISE group if you have any doubts/questions about the input file
format (you can cc us AFNI folks, too).