Usage: adwarp [options]
Resamples a 'data parent' dataset to the grid defined by an
'anat parent' dataset.  The anat parent dataset must contain
in its .HEAD file the coordinate transformation (warp) needed
to bring the data parent dataset to the output grid.  This
program provides a batch implementation of the interactive
AFNI 'Write' buttons, one dataset at a time.

  Example: create dataset func+tlrc (.HEAD and .BRIK) by applying
           the orig->tlrc transformation from the anat.

           adwarp -apar anat+tlrc -dpar func+orig

  Example: in the case of a manual tlrc transformation, maybe the
           anat+tlrc.BRIK does not exist (just the .HEAD file does).
           In such a case on might apply the anat+tlrc transformation
           to the anat+orig dataset.  But since the anat+tlrc.HEAD
           file already exists, the -overwrite option is needed.

           adwarp -apar anat+tlrc -dpar anat+orig -overwrite

Options (so to speak):
-apar aset  = Set the anat parent dataset to 'aset'.  This
                is a nonoptional option (must be present).

-dpar dset  = Set the data parent dataset to 'dset'.  This
                is a nonoptional option (must be present).
              Note: dset may contain a sub-brick selector,
              e.g.,  -dpar 'dset+orig[2,5,7]'

-prefix ppp = Set the prefix for the output dataset to 'ppp'.
                The default is the prefix of 'dset'.

-dxyz ddd   = Set the grid spacing in the output dataset to
                'ddd' mm.  The default is 1 mm.

-verbose    = Print out progress reports.
-force      = Write out result even if it means deleting
                an existing dataset.  The default is not
                to overwrite.

-resam rrr  = Set resampling mode to 'rrr' for all sub-bricks
                     --- OR ---
-thr   rrr  = Set resampling mode to 'rrr' for threshold sub-bricks
-func  rrr  = Set resampling mode to 'rrr' for functional sub-bricks

The resampling mode 'rrr' must be one of the following:
                 NN = Nearest Neighbor
                 Li = Linear Interpolation
                 Cu = Cubic Interpolation
                 Bk = Blocky Interpolation

NOTE:  The default resampling mode is Li for all sub-bricks.

++ Compile date = May 27 2024 {AFNI_24.1.15:linux_ubuntu_16_64}