Usage: ccalc [-form FORM] [-eval 'expr']
Usage mode 1: Interactive numerical calculator
    Interactive numerical calculator, using the
    same expression syntax as 3dcalc.
    No command line parameters are permitted in
    usage 1 mode.
Usage mode 2: Command line expression calculator
    Evaluate an expression specified on command
    line, return answer and quit.
    Optional parameters: (must come first)
    -form FORM: Format output in a nice form
                Choose from:
                double: Macho numbers (default).
                nice: Metrosexual output.
                int (or rint): Rounded to nearest integer.
                cint: Rounded up.
                fint: Rounded down.
       custom format string, used as in printf.
                   format string can contain %%, \n and other
                   regular characters.
                   See man fprintf and man printf for details.
                You can also replace:
                   -form int    with    -i
                   -form nice   with    -n
                   -form double with    -d
                   -form fint   with    -f
                   -form cint   with    -c
    Mandatory parameter: (must come last on command line)
    -eval EXPR: EXPR is the expression to evaluate.
                Example: ccalc -eval '3 + 5 * sin(22)'
                     or: ccalc -eval 3 +5 '*' 'sin(22)'
                You can not use variables in EXPR
                as you do with 3dcalc.
    Example with formatting:
        ccalc -form '********\n%6.4f%%\n********' -eval '100*328/457'
    Try also:
        ccalc -i 3.6
        ccalc -f 3.6
        ccalc -c 3.6
        ccalc -form '%3.5d' 3.3
        ccalc -form '**%5d**' 3.3
        ccalc -form '**%-5d**' 3.3

 ** SECRET: You don't need to use -eval if you are
            not using any other options. I hate typing
            it for quick command line calculations.
            But that feature might be removed in the
            future, so always use -eval when you are