This program is to make tables for AFNI group analysis programs from
outputs from 3dNetCorr (*.netcc) and 3dTrackID (*.grid).

This program can also include additional subject information from
CSV files (which can be saved/made from spreadsheet formats like
XLS, XLSX, etc.).

Ver  : 0.1
Date : June 9, 2020
Auth : PA Taylor


+ A set of *.netcc or *.grid file output by 3dNetCorr or 3dTrackID,

+ (opt) a CSV file of subject data; note that


+ a table file, usable in (many) AFNI group analysis programs

+ a log file reporting on the inputs, matching and other aspects of
  creating the table file


-in_mat  IM1 IM2 IM3 ...
               :(req) name(s) of *.netcc or *.grid files with matrices
                to be used to make table (probably more than one); the
                list can be provided using wildcard chars, e.g.:
                (see also '-in_list ..' as an alternative method for
                 inputting this information)

-in_csv CSV    :(opt) name of a CSV file to include in table (just one).
                The first column of the CSV must have subj ID labels
                that can be matched with the filename/paths of the
                input matrix files.  If the subjects IDs cannot be
                unambiguously matched with the matrix files based on their
                path/names, then you must use the '-in_list ..' option
                to provide the matching explicitly

-in_listfile LIST :(opt) another way of inputting the matrix (*.grid or
                *.netcc) files-- by explicit path, matched per file
                with a CSV subject ID.
                The LIST text file contains two columns if also using
                a CSV:
                   col 1: path to subject matrix files
                   col 2: CSV IDs
                Otherwise, if no CSV is being used, the file can contain
                just one column of paths to the matrix files.
                Note that lines in the LIST can contain #-ed comments.

-prefix PP     :(req) output basename for the table and log files.
                Note that this can include path information, but both
                a suffix and a file extensions will be added for the
                main outputs:
                   _prep.log  (attached to the log file)
                   _tbl.txt   (attached to the table file)

-pars PARS     :(opt) list of matrices to be included in the table,
                identified by their parameter name.  If no '-pars ..'
                list is provided, then all matrices in the input file
                will be included in the table (which might make for a
                veeery long table)

-ver           :display current version

-date          :display release/editing date of current version
                (June 9, 2020)

-help          :display help (in terminal)
-h             :display help (in terminal)

-hview         :display help (in separate text editor)