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 This program is for building a selector string for AFNI subbricks
 and/or 1D text files.  It makes use of J. Rajendra's
 '@djunct_dwi_selector.tcsh' script to make a list of 'bad' volume
 indices by clicking on individual volumes in a montage image.  Pretty

 In the end, a selector string of volumes *to keep* (i.e., the
 complement of the set of indices chosen with clicks) is output to
 screen as well as stored in a text file.

  Ver. 1.7 (PA Taylor, Feb 12, 2019)

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    + PPP_bads.txt: text file with AFNI-usable selector string, which
                    can be put into either square brackets [] or curly
                    brackets {}, whichever is appropriate for a given

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    fat_proc_select_vols  \
        -in_dwi   DDD                  \
        -in_img   IM2D                 \
        {-in_bads TTT}                 \
        -prefix  PPP                   \
        {-apply_to_vols}               \
        {-do_movie AGIF|MPEG}          \
        {-workdir WWW}                 \


   -in_dwi  DDD   :input DWI set (required).
   -in_img  IM2D  :2d image of DDD, such as made by a fat_proc*
                   script, or @djunct_*imager directly (required).
   -in_bads TTT   :(optional) a single column file of integers,
                   such as made by a previous run of fat_proc_select_vols.
                   For example, if one has dual phase-encoded
                   DWI data, then one might make a list of bads
                   from the AP-acquired set and then add to it any
                   bad indices from the PA-acquired set.

   -prefix  PPP   :output prefix for files. Required.

   -apply_to_vols :switch to apply the created selection of good
                   volumes to the DWI dset.  NB: if you are using
                   this function to select out bad volumes from
                   a dual phase encode set, then you *wouldn't* want
                   to use this option, because you want to apply
                   the complete removal to *both* volumes.  Note also,
                   that once you apply this selection to the volumes,
                   you also need to apply it to any bval, bvec, bmatrix,
                   etc. text files!

    -do_movie AGIF | MPEG:
                   when "-apply_to_vols" is used, static images are
                   output by default;  one can use this option with
                   either of the given arguments to output a movie of the
                   newly created dset.  Only those arguments can be used
                   at present.

   -workdir WWW   :specify a working directory, which can be removed;
                   (default name = '__WORKING_select_vols').

   -no_cmd_out    :don't save the command line call of this program
                   and the location where it was run (otherwise, it is
                   saved by default in the ODIR/).

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------


    fat_proc_select_vols    \
        -in_dwi DWI.nii.gz               \
        -in_img QC/DWI_sepscl.sag.png    \
        -prefix DWI_trim

    fat_proc_select_vols    \
        -in_dwi DWI_ap.nii.gz             \
        -in_img QC/DWI_ap_sepscl.sag.png  \
        -in_bads DWI_trim_bads.txt        \
        -prefix DWI_trim_both

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