Usage: imupsam [-A] n input_image output_image

*** Consider using the newer 2dcat for resampling.
    byte and rgb images

* Upsamples the input 2D image by a factor of n and
    writes result into output_image; n must be an
    integer in the range 2..30.
* 7th order polynomial interpolation is used in each
* Inputs can be complex, float, short, PGM, PPM, or JPG.
* If input_image is in color (PPM or JPG), output will
    be PPM unless output_image ends in '.jpg'.
* If output_image is '-', the result will be written
    to stdout (so you could pipe it into something else).
* The '-A' option means to write the result in ASCII
    format: all the numbers for the file are output,
    and nothing else (no header info).