Usage: inspec <-spec specfile>
              [-detail d] [-prefix newspecname]
              [-LRmerge leftspec rightspec]
Outputs information found from specfile.
    -spec specfile: specfile to be read
    -prefix newspecname: rewrite spec file.
    -detail d: level of output detail default is 1 in general,
               0 with -LRmerge.
               Available levels are 0, 1, 2 and 3.
    -LRmerge LeftSpec RightSpec:
             Merge two spec files in a way that makes
             sense for viewing in SUMA
    -remove_state STATE_RM:
             Get rid of state STATE_RM from the specfile
    -h or -help: This message here.

Compile Date:
   Jun 14 2024

      Ziad S. Saad SSCC/NIMH/NIH
     Dec 2 03