Usage: niml_feedme [options] dataset

* Sends volumes from the dataset to AFNI via the NIML socket interface.
* You must run AFNI with the command 'afni -niml' so that the program
  will be listening for the socket connection.
* Inside AFNI, the transmitted dataset will be named 'niml_feedme'.
* For another way to send image data to AFNI, see program rtfeedme.
* At present, there is no way to attach statistical parameters to
  a transmitted volume.
* This program sends all volumes in float format, simply because
  that's easy for me.  But you can also send byte, short, and
  complex valued volumes.
* This program is really just a demo; it has little practical use.

  -host sname =  Send data, via TCP/IP, to AFNI running on the
                 computer system 'sname'.  By default, uses the
                 current system (localhost), if you don't use this

  -dt ms      =  Tries to maintain an inter-transmit interval of 'ms'
                 milliseconds.  The default is 1000 msec per volume.

  -verb       =  Be (very) talkative about actions.

  -accum      =  Send sub-bricks so that they accumulate in AFNI.
                 The default is to create only a 1 volume dataset
                 inside AFNI, and each sub-brick just replaces
                 that one volume when it is received.

  -target nam =  Change the dataset name transmitted to AFNI from
                 'niml_feedme' to 'nam'.

  -drive cmd  =  Send 'cmd' as a DRIVE_AFNI command.
                * If cmd contains blanks, it must be in 'quotes'.
                * Multiple -drive options may be used.
                * These commands will be sent to AFNI just after
                  the first volume is transmitted.
                * See file README.driver for a list of commands.

EXAMPLE: Send volumes from a 3D+time dataset to AFNI:

  niml_feedme -dt 1000 -verb -accum -target Elvis \
              -drive 'OPEN_WINDOW axialimage'     \
              -drive 'OPEN_WINDOW axialgraph'     \
              -drive 'SWITCH_UNDERLAY Elvis'      \

Author: RW Cox -- July 2009

++ Compile date = May 23 2023 {AFNI_23.1.06:linux_ubuntu_16_64}