===========================================================================   - test the loading of python modules

   The default behavior of this program is to verify whether a 'standard'
   list of python modules can be loaded.  The 'standard' list amounts to
   what is needed for the python programs in AFNI.

   The user may specify a list of python modules to test.


   a. Use the default behavior to test modules in standard list.

   b. Test a specific list of modules in verbose mode. -test_modules sys os numpy scipy R wx -verb 2

   c. Show the python version and platform information. -python_ver -platform_info

   d. Perform a complete test (applies commands a and c). -full_test

informational options:

   -help                        : display this help
   -hist                        : display the modification history
   -show_valid_opts             : display all valid options (short format)
   -ver                         : display the version number

other options:

   -full_test                   : perform all of the standard tests

      This option applies -platform_info, -python_ver and -test_defaults.

   -platform_info               : display system information

      Platform information can include the OS and version, along with the
      CPU type.

   -python_ver                  : display the version of python in use

      Show which version of python is being used by the software.

   -test_defaults               : test the default module list

      The default module list will include (hopefully) all python modules
      used by AFNI programs.

      Note that most programs will not need all of these python libraries.

    -test_modules MOD1 MOD2 ... : test the specified module list

      Perform the same test, but on the modules specified with this option.

    -verb LEVEL                 : specify a verbose level

R Reynolds  30 Oct 2008