=============================================================================    - describe or convert MATLAB files (to 1D)

   Describe the contents of matlab files, and possibly convert them to 1D.

   Using only -infiles, all file objects (names not starting with '__') will
   be reported.  With the addition of -prefix, all numpy matrices will be
   converted to 1D format.


   1. Describe the contents of all matlab files. -infiles *.mat

   1. Convert all matlab files in the current directory to test.*.1D -infiles *.mat -prefix test

terminal options:

   -help                : show this help
   -hist                : show the revision history
   -ver                 : show the version number

process options:

   -infiles             : specify input files
   -overwrite           : overwrite any output file
   -prefix PREFIX       : prefix for output file names

        Using -prefix, output files will have the naming format:


              PREFIX    : as specified with -prefix
              INDEX     : 1-based index of objects found in file
              KEY       : key (label) corresponding to the given object

R Reynolds    January 2015