MCW SFIM: Stepwise Functional IMages, by RW Cox

Usage: sfim [options] image_files ...

  + image_files are in the same format AFNI accepts
  + options are from the following:

  -sfint iname:   'iname' is the name of a file which has
                  the interval definitions; an example is
                    3*# 5*rest 4*A 5*rest 4*B 5*rest 4*A 5*rest
                  which says:
                    - ignore the 1st 3 images
                    - take the next 5 as being in task state 'rest'
                    - take the next 4 as being in task state 'A'
                    and so on;
                  task names that start with a nonalphabetic character
                  are like the '#' above and mean 'ignore'.
              *** the default 'iname' is 'sfint'

  -base bname:    'bname' is the task state name to use as the
                  baseline; other task states will have the mean
                  baseline state subtracted; if there are no task
                  states from 'iname' that match 'bname', this
                  subtraction will not occur.
              *** the default 'bname' is 'rest'

  -localbase:     if this option is present, then each non-base
                  task state interval has the mean of the two
                  nearest base intervals subtracted instead of the
                  grand mean of all the base task intervals.

  -prefix pname:  'pname' is the prefix for output image filenames for
                  all states:  the i'th interval with task state name
                  'fred' will be written to file 'pname.fred.i'.
              *** the default 'pname' is 'sfim'

  Output files are the base-mean-removed averages for each non-base
  task interval, and simply the mean for each base task interval.
  Output images are in the 'flim' (floating pt. image) format, and